The SolutionStress Prevention Services.

STRESS PREVENTION SERVICES can guide you through Health & Safety requirements for tackling workplace stress and will deliver Stress Prevention training to both management and staff in line with those requirements.

We are the ONLY company who specialise in Stress Prevention. Our strategies are not just aimed at managing stress but are specifically designed to eliminate stress from the workplace without compromising performance or efficiency. Our unique approach is a powerful technique that teaches people to deal with problems and challenges in a positive way, producing effective results everytime!

Nothing short of miraculous. This is not some new age mumbo jumbo. It is basic, truthful and honest (brutally at times). Powerful and life changing stuff.

— Dr. Amit Benjamin (specialist in Respiratory medicine) Gwynedd Area Health Trust

This is so much more than training. This is an interactive learning experience that is influenced by the participants, is specifically designed to enhance work-life performance and benefits both the organisation and the individual.

image of a happy office workforce giving the ‘thumbs up!’